A visual leap into Janine’s illustrations.

01-memory-is-a-tricky-thing1The hallmark of a great creative artist is her strength to depict her thoughts through her art, while retaining the dark and twisted elements that often form the pattern of such thoughts. Art is not only a diorama of beauty, but it is often a subtle retaliation, an aggravated emotion, and often reconciliation with the world around, and with oneself.

So it never fails to amaze me how some artists are able to create beautiful versions of their thoughts on a blank page. London-based artist Janine takes her art to a new level of visual eloquence. Janine’s doodles are as diverse as her family of illustrated characters and intimate narrative—gritty minds, pillow-talk philosophers, bittersweet love affairs. “My ‘go to’ sketches are usually faces. I don’t know why but I’m constantly drawing faces, not necessarily realistic ones.”

Check out all of Janine’s beautiful illustrations below and her thoughts on blank paper and sketching.


Moments before my illustrations take shape on the whiteness of the sheet – I feel a bit of stage fright – Where to start? How will it end? So much white space.

On Sketchbooks

“I didn’t really like sketch books for many years, mostly because they felt untidy and messy, or so big that they became time consuming to work on and I’d end up using them for scrap paper.

But a couple of years ago I bought an A6 sized landscape watercolour Moleskin and it looked so neat, compact and professional that I wanted to sketch after a long time.

I rules for myself like: No tearing pages, No leaving pages blank, No scribbling, also an ongoing sketch must be finished before moving on to a new sketch book.

Other things I use the sketchbook for is to experiment with different styles and mediums. It’s also for when I don’t have time or space to do larger drawings. e.g. while travelling or during my lunch break at work.”

Here is a sneak peek of her doodle.


She prefers illustrating on A6 watercolour landscape Moleskins with any cheap felt-pens, black ball pens, Caran D’ache watercolour pencils, or Steadler Fine liner pen.

You can browse through her work here. iusb_760x100.9400452sketch-book-6-full-page


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